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How to Post an ad here?

Thank you for your interest in listing your upcoming hiring event, job opening or networking event. We have provided free access to career opportunities, tools and tips to help job seekers find their next job since 1998.

NOTE: All web content and ads are now handled by Programmer Solutions Inc.


  • For your free listing on our website, please e-mail the job opening, career fair, open house or networking event to [email protected].
    • Please send all free listing email requests in text format only (do not send a pdf, zip, etc.).
    • The free listing must include your company name, address, phone and dates to start and end listing (7 days maximum).
    • Allow up to 7 days BEFORE your free listing is posted.
    • Only 1 free listing per employer.

What we DON’T accept for FREE ADS:

  • Ads in any format except text.
  • Ads that are not for a job opening or job event listing.
  • Ads without a Company name, physical address and / or phone number.
  • Ads without a date, start time, end time and location.
  • Ads that state (by invitation only).
  • Ads where job seeker must call to find the date, time or location.
  • Ads that you charge a fee for a job seeker for any reason.
  • Ads with clickable email addresses or URLs.
  • Ads from Consulting Companies, Staffing firms, Recruiters and Job Agencies.
  • Ads where employers have presentations vs allowing job seekers to pick employers of interest.
  • Multi-company event ads WITHOUT attending company names and / or actual job openings.

What to do if your FREE AD is NOT accepted:

  • Option 1 – Follow PAID ADS information (see below)
  • Option 2 – Use Google AdWords at https://ads.google.com/home/. You can target chicagojobresource.com or any specific xxxjobresource.com website. In your Google AdWords account under targeting, enter the URL of the website you want to target as a placement.
  • Option 3 – Use Media.Net at media.net/buyers to target chicagojobresource.com or any specific xxxjobresource.com website.
  • Option 4 – Place an ad at Monster from this link – Monster Lowest Price on standard job ads!


  • 1 – Email ad copy to [email protected] for approval. Email must include billing email address, website domain to place ad and ad copy (text format only).
  • 2 – If ad copy is approved, you will receive an invoice from Programmer Solutions Inc. via Paypal.
  • 3 – Pay the invoice via Paypal using [email protected] as the email address to pay.
  • 4 – Ad copy will be posted within 24 hours after payment has been received.

PAID ADS Terms and conditions:

  • Paid Ad Costs
    • $45 for 1 job opening or 1 event such as a Hiring Event, Job Fair, Networking Event. Price is subject to change.
  • Paid ad options supported
    • Ad copy must be related to the website where you want it to appear.
    • Ad copy must be text only so it can be cut and pasted.
    • Ad can be a single job opening or event such as a Hiring Event, Job Fair, Networking Event, etc.
    • URLs and email addresses can appear in your ad copy body (no advertising links allowed in your URLs).
    • Ad will be listed on ONE website of your choice. Please specify which website you want the ad to appear.
    • Ad will run for 30 days or end on the date you specify before 30 days.
    • Please allow 24 hours for ad to appear after payment processed. You must include a billing contact email address for the invoice.
  • Paid Ad options NOT supported
    • Ad copy with HTML tags, JavaScript, Flash, applets or other dynamic content.
    • Online ad copy edits, re-posting or delete of your ad.
    • Ad tracking or reporting.
  • Refunds
    • NO cash or credit refunds.
    • A free ad credit is given should the ad not be seen for 48+ hours for any reason.
  • If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]

Want to Share Career Advice or Resources?

Want more exposure for your business? Send an e-mail with your weblink to career advice, career tips or career articles to [email protected]. You will receive a byline credit for all articles and tips submitted (no advertising links allowed in your weblink).

We always reserve the right to refuse or remove any PAID AD.

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