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What is the branding of a company?

The branding company or brand strategy is a tool that apply to develop a solid long – term brand. It is building your brand, transforming a logo or a name into ideas, sensations and experiences that will speak of your company or SME.

With an optimal brand strategy you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competition and obtain greater benefits in the market.

Branding types

We can define 3 types of brand strategies whether it is a large company, SME or self-employed.

Unique branding

A unique branding strategy is based on assigning the same brand to all the products offered by a company or freelance.

Multiple branding

A multi-branding strategy involves assigning a different brand to each type of product that a business offers.

Umbrella branding

The umbrella brand strategy is one that supports the different multiple brands of different products, that is, a single brand serves different products, which are part of different markets.

Importance of a brand or branding strategy

Having a strong and effective brand strategy is important because …

  • Build emotional bonds with customers so they build long-term loyalty.
  • Promote an idea association when you receive publicity, even if they are not looking for your product. For example, many people ask “Is there Coke?” when they go to buy another similar product.
  • Make a difference between what you offer and your competition’s product.
  • Focus on the long-term objectives of your company, thus you will define who you are, what you offer and how you do it. That will tell you future decisions and strategies.
  • Strengthen marketing, since a brand attracts an audience and helps you define the marketing associated with that audience.

In conclusion, a good brand strategy encompasses more than a logo or a name, it is the internal and futuristic feeling of your company . So, try to define objectives that include emotion and that generate loyalty in your customers. Try to innovate and compensate your customers. Thus, you can cause a greater impact in the market with your company branding.